In the ever-evolving world of surfing, where the quest for the perfect wave meets the pursuit of the ideal board, a standout contender emerges designed to elevate the game of the weekend warrior and the dedicated surfer alike.

This contender is not Craig Anderson’s signature model, the Haydenshapes Ando surfboard. Crafted with a balance of precision and versatility, it promises to be your trusted companion through the swell season’s array of conditions.

This blog post aims to explore in detail what makes the Haydenshapes Ando a must-have in your surfboard quiver, echoing the sentiments of many who have found this board not just impressive but essential.

A Testament to Versatility and Performance

At the heart of Haydenshapes Ando’s design philosophy is a commitment to versatility. This board isn’t just another high-performance shortboard; it’s a refined piece of surfing equipment that acknowledges surfers’ diverse needs.

It thrives in the hollow, punchy waves that seasoned surfers dream about, yet it doesn’t shy away from your average, everyday conditions. The Ando is crafted to handle size gracefully, making it an all-rounder that can turn a challenging swell into an exhilarating surfing session.


Forgiving Yet Dynamic

The Haydenshapes Ando stands out for its forgiving nature, making it an ideal choice for surfers who appreciate a board that can be playful or serious as the situation demands.

Its ability to execute sharp, smooth turns, tackle steep elevator drops, and easily glide through barrels makes it a joy to ride. The board’s design, which packs volume into a refined shape, ensures it feels tight and responsive underfoot, a characteristic many surfers crave.

Customization and Volume

One minor hiccup in the journey to finding the perfect Ando may arise from its volume offerings. The largest standard model may not meet the needs of all surfers, leading some, like David, to opt for a custom dimension. David rides a 6’3″ Haydenshapes Ando, which, with its custom dimensions, perfectly complements his surfing style and the conditions he faces. This level of customization underscores the brand’s dedication to ensuring every surfer finds their perfect match.


My Personal Experience

My experience with the Ando highlights the board’s exceptional performance across various wave conditions. From chest-high to solid double overhead surf, the Ando is a high-performance shortboard that doesn’t sacrifice forgiveness or ease of use.

This balance is achieved through its carefully considered dimensions and adding Futures Roberts fins, further enhancing its capabilities in the water.

Best Wave Type: The Ando’s Playground

The Ando excels in various conditions, from chest-high waves to well overhead. It’s particularly adept at tearing apart local beach breaks and dominating punchy, barreling A-frames.

Its design encourages technical surfing, making it a versatile choice for surfers looking to push their limits in various settings.


Craftsmanship and Features

The Haydenshapes Ando boasts a typical high-performance shortboard outline with a medium tip and tail rocker and a flat through-the-center for speed and maneuverability. The 3-fin thruster setup and medium to low rails ensure a responsive ride.

The board’s volume is ingeniously packed into a refined package, offering a seamless blend of buoyancy and control.


The Haydenshapes Ando is more than just a surfboard; it’s a statement of what’s possible when craftsmanship meets passion. It’s designed for those who seek the thrill of the ride, regardless of the conditions.

With its ability to handle a wide range of wave types, its forgiving nature, and its responsive design, the Ando is poised to become a cherished asset in any surfer’s collection.

Whether you’re carving through the swell of the season or enjoying the playful waves of an average day, the Ando promises to elevate your surfing experience. It’s not just a board; it’s a journey, and for many, the journey with the Ando is just beginning.


1. What makes the Haydenshapes Ando surfboard unique?

The Haydenshapes Ando’s versatility and performance distinguish it in a variety of conditions. It combines the forgiving nature of an all-rounder with the sharp, responsive capabilities of a high-performance shortboard. Its design allows for sharp turns, steep drops, and smooth rides through barrels, making it suitable for swell conditions and average waves.

2. Can the Ando handle big waves?

Yes, the Haydenshapes Ando is designed to excel in chest-high to well-overhead waves. It performs exceptionally well in both local beach breaks and the more challenging, punchy, barreling A-frames, making it ideal for surfers looking to tackle bigger waves with confidence.

3. Is the Haydenshapes Ando suitable for beginners?

While the Ando is forgiving and versatile, its design as a high-performance shortboard might be challenging for beginners. It’s better suited for intermediate to advanced surfers who can appreciate and utilize its dynamic capabilities in various wave conditions.

4. What customization options are available for the Ando?

Custom dimensions are available for surfers who find the standard models’ volume insufficient. This allows for a personalized board that fits one’s specific needs regarding volume and dimensions, ensuring the perfect balance of responsiveness and buoyancy.

5. What type of fins work best with the Haydenshapes Ando?

The Ando is typically ridden with a 3-fin thruster setup. David’s preference for the Futures Roberts fins, designed for bigger surfers and punchier waves, complements the board perfectly, enhancing its performance across various conditions.

6. How does the Ando perform in small waves?

Despite its prowess in bigger swells, the Haydenshapes Ando is also enjoyable in more minor conditions, from waist to shoulder high. Its volume and design ensure it remains lively and fun in less powerful waves, making it a versatile board for various surfing days.

David is the visionary founder of Comparesurfboards.com, a dedicated surfer with over a decade of experience riding waves across the globe. With an unwavering passion for the sport and a deep understanding of what makes a great surfboard, David created Comparesurfboards.com to guide fellow surfers through the complex world of surfboards.

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