In the surfing world, the quest for the perfect surfboard is as endless as the search for the perfect wave. Among the vast sea of shapes, sizes, and designs, one name that has garnered respect and admiration from the Northern Beaches to shores around the globe is Mike Psillakis.

Renowned for his meticulous hand shaping and innovative designs, Psillakis has created a board that promises to rejuvenate your surfing experience, whether carving local breaks or exploring distant waves.

This board is the Psillakis Surfboards Quad Fish, a name synonymous with versatility, performance, and sheer joy in the water.

Before we dive into the depths of the Psillakis Surfboards Quad Fish review, it’s essential to understand what sets this board apart from the countless options available to surfers today.

Mike Psillakis, a legend in the surfboard-shaping world, brings a personal touch to each of his creations. Based in the Northern Beaches of Sydney, Mike’s approach to board shaping is rooted in passion and precision, ensuring that every board that leaves his workshop is a masterpiece.

The Quad Fish is no exception, embodying the ethos of Psillakis Surfboards: hand-shaped, meticulously designed, and crafted for surfers who seek to elevate their performance in the waves.

A Versatile Performer

The Psillakis Surfboards Quad Fish isn’t just another fish surfboard; it’s a performance hybrid designed to glide effortlessly across a wide range of wave conditions.

This board strikes a harmonious balance between a traditional fish’s playful nature and a performance shortboard’s dynamic capabilities. It’s this versatility that makes the Quad Fish stand out. It can bring a smooth and capable ride to most conditions.

One of the Quad Fish’s most notable features is its ease of paddling and speed generation. This board is lively and responsive underfoot, yet it doesn’t sacrifice the ease of catching waves.

Whether you’re facing stomach-high waves or slightly overhead sets, the Quad Fish promises to deliver an exhilarating experience without limiting you by the conditions.


The Board’s Design

Delving deeper into the Quad Fish’s design aspects reveals why this board is such a standout. It features a full forward nose plan shape paired with a clean tail design, a combination that provides stability and maneuverability in equal measure.

The bottom contour transitions from a single to a double concave, with a vee out of the tail, optimizing the board for speed and responsiveness. This design is engineered for surfers who prioritize creativity and progressiveness, especially in more minor wave conditions.

The Fin Setup

The review wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the fin setup that brings the Quad Fish to life. Paired with the Futures Rasta Signature Bamboo Quad Fins, the board finds an exceptional balance of drive, hold, and maneuverability.

This fin setup complements the board’s design beautifully, making it adept at handling a variety of wave conditions without the need to switch to a thruster setup.

Choosing fins plays a crucial role in the board’s performance, highlighting the importance of matching the right fins with the board’s intended use and the surfer’s style.

Riding the Quad Fish

The real test of any surfboard is in the surfing experience it offers. From the very first wave caught on the Quad Fish, it’s clear that Mike Psillakis has crafted something special. The board feels at home in various conditions, from shoulder to head-high waves, proving its mettle as a versatile performer.

Whether carving through sections of a wave or pulling into a tight barrel, the Quad Fish responds with agility and precision. The board encourages you to push your limits, offering a stable platform while allowing explosive turns and maneuvers.

The Psillakis Surfboards Quad Fish is not just about high performance in optimal conditions; it’s about bringing fun and excitement to your everyday surfing sessions. It’s a board that handles the unpredictable nature of the ocean with grace, making it a reliable choice for surfers looking to maximize their time in the water.


In a market flooded with options, the Psillakis Surfboards Quad Fish distinguishes itself as a board that can do it all. It’s a testament to Mike Psillakis’s dedication to his craft, delivering a board that meets the needs of surfers seeking fun and performance.

Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or looking to expand your quiver with a versatile all-rounder, the Quad Fish is a board that deserves serious consideration.

Surfing is about the pursuit of joy, the thrill of the ride, and the connection with the ocean. The Psillakis Surfboards Quad Fish gives that pursuit a new edge, offering surfers a tool to explore their limits and enjoy every wave to the fullest.


1. Who is Mike Psillakis, and why are his surfboards well-regarded?

Mike Psillakis is a renowned surfboard shaper based in the Northern Beaches of Sydney. He is known for his meticulous hand-shaping process. His surfboards, including the Quad Fish, are well-regarded because of their craftsmanship, performance, and the personalized touch he brings to each board.

2. What makes the Psillakis Surfboards Quad Fish unique?

The Quad Fish stands out due to its versatile, performance-oriented design. It’s a hybrid that combines the playful characteristics of a fish surfboard with the agility and responsiveness of a performance shortboard, making it suitable for a wide range of wave conditions.

3. Can the Quad Fish handle different wave sizes and conditions?

The Quad Fish is designed to perform in various conditions, from stomach-high to overhead waves. While it excels in smaller to medium wave sizes, it can handle more giant waves, making it a versatile choice for different surfing conditions.

4. What is the recommended fin setup for the Psillakis Quad Fish?

The recommended fin setup is the Futures Rasta Signature Bamboo Quad Fins. This setup complements the board’s design, enhancing its drive, hold, and maneuverability across wave types.

5. Is the Quad Fish suitable for beginner surfers?

While the Quad Fish is easy to paddle and quickly generates speed, its performance-oriented design is better suited for intermediate to advanced surfers who can take advantage of its responsiveness and versatility in the water.

6. How does the Quad Fish perform regarding speed and maneuverability?

Thanks to its design, which includes a full forward nose plan shape, a clean tail design, and a single to double concave bottom contour with a vee out of the tail, the Quad Fish is fast and responsive. It allows for quick speed generation and agile maneuvers, making it a lively option for surfers.

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